Alternative Routes to Oil Structuring

This Springer Brief gives an overview of recent research conducted in the area of oil structuring starting with a detailed introduction on oleogelation and properties of food-approved building blocks followed by the discussion of some illustrative example

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Ashok R. Patel

Alternative Routes to Oil Structuring


SpringerBriefs in Food, Health, and Nutrition Editor-in-chief Richard W. Hartel, University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA

Associate Editors J. Peter Clark, Consultant to the Process Industries, USA John W. Finley, Louisiana State University, USA David Rodriguez-Lazaro, ITACyL, Spain Yrjö Roos, University College Cork, Ireland David Topping, CSIRO, Australia

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Ashok R. Patel

Alternative Routes to Oil Structuring


Ashok R. Patel Laboratory of Food Technology and Engineering Faculty of Bioscience Engineering Vandemoortele Centre for Lipid Science and Technology Ghent University Gent Belgium

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