Approximation Algorithms for Cost-Robust Discrete Minimization Problems Based on Their LP-Relaxations

We consider robust discrete minimization problems where uncertainty is defined by a convex set in the objective. Assuming the existence of an integrality gap verifier with a bounded approximation guarantee for the LP relaxation of the non-robust version o

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Yoshiharu Kohayakawa Flávio Keidi Miyazawa (Eds.)

LATIN 2020: Theoretical Informatics 14th Latin American Symposium São Paulo, Brazil, January 5–8, 2021 Proceedings

Lecture Notes in Computer Science


Founding Editors Gerhard Goos, Germany Juris Hartmanis, USA

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Yoshiharu Kohayakawa Flávio Keidi Miyazawa (Eds.) •

LATIN 2020: Theoretical Informatics 14th Latin American Symposium São Paulo, Brazil, January 5–8, 2021 Proceedings


Editors Yoshiharu Kohayakawa University of São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil

Flávio Keidi Miyazawa University of Campinas Campinas, Brazil

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