Flying Blind: The Formation of Airmindedness from a Pilot’s Perspective

Based on a corpus study of several hundred articles published in Flight magazine, this chapter explores how aviators in the 1930s were progressively equipped with training and licensing requirements and the new technologies for cockpit instrumentation and

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Aviation in the Literature and Culture of Interwar Britain Edited by Michael McCluskey Luke Seaber

Studies in Mobilities, Literature, and Culture

Series Editors Marian Aguiar Department of English Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA, USA Charlotte Mathieson University of Surrey Guildford, UK Lynne Pearce English Literature & Creative Writing Lancaster University Lancaster, UK

This series represents an exciting new publishing opportunity for scholars working at the intersection of literary, cultural, and mobilities research. The editors welcome proposals that engage with movement of all kinds – ranging from the global and transnational to the local and the everyday. The series is particularly concerned with examining the material means and structures of movement, as well as the infrastructures that surround such movement, with a focus on transport, travel, postcolonialism, and/or embodiment. While we expect many titles from literary scholars who draw upon research originating in cultural geography and/or sociology in order to gain valuable new insights into literary and cultural texts, proposals are equally welcome from scholars working in the social sciences who make use of literary and cultural texts in their theorizing. The series invites monographs that engage with textual materials of all kinds – i.e., film, photography, digital media, and the visual arts, as well as fiction, poetry, and other literary forms – and projects engaging with non-western literatures and cultures are especially welcome.

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Michael McCluskey · Luke Seaber Editors

Aviation in the Literature and Culture of Interwar Britain

Editors Michael McCluskey Boston University Boston, MA, USA

Luke Seaber University College London London, UK

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