Nonprofits using the inside-outside strategy view policy change as the outcome of a two-pronged approach to advocacy. In the first, advocates develop a relationship with an issue champion on the inside of the policymaking body, who lobbies their peers and

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Nonprofits in Policy Advocacy “Better engagement between scholars in the not-for-profit and policy advocacy fields is long overdue. In their book Nonprofits in Policy Advocacy, Sheldon Gen and Amy Conley Wright pursue just that. Based on a rich multi-year study of US not-for-­profits, they offer a set of six advocacy strategies illustrated by case examples. This is a mustread for researchers and students in public administration, political science, public policy and sociology.” —Darren R. Halpin, Professor of Political Science, Australian National University, Australia “Blending theoretical insights, a new data set, and real-world examples, Gen and Wright provide a detailed look at six advocacy strategies successfully used by nonprofits. It also focuses on advocacy evaluation, a topic of considerable importance for the field. Readers will come away with a renewed sense of appreciation for the difficulty of advocacy and its continued importance to protect organizations and their service recipients.” —Richard Hoefer, Roy E. Dulak Professor for Community Practice Research, University of Texas at Arlington, USA “Gen & Wright have produced a fantastic resource for students, practitioners, and researchers alike. Their framework is conceptually rich and grounded in empirical evidence as well as hard-won lessons from the field. The cases embedded in each chapter make for a volume that is as interesting and accessible as it is scholarly. I’m grateful for this important contribution to the field.” —Jennifer Mosley, Associate Professor, University of Chicago, USA

Sheldon Gen · Amy Conley Wright

Nonprofits in Policy Advocacy Their Strategies and Stories

Sheldon Gen Public Administration Program San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA, USA

Amy Conley Wright Sydney School of Education and Social Work University of Sydney Sydney, NSW, Australia

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