New Synthetic Routes to Polyoxometalate Containing Ionic Liquids An

In his Master project Sven Herrmann for the first time carried out fundamental investigations into the development of polyoxometalate based ionic liquids (POM-ILs). The POM-ILs were obtained by charge balancing inorganic polyoxometalate (POM) anions with

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Sven Herrmann

New Synthetic Routes to Polyoxometalate Containing Ionic Liquids An Investigation of their Properties Foreword by Prof. Dr. Carsten Streb

Sven Herrmann Ulm, Germany

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Foreword In his Master project, Sven Herrmann carried out fundamental investigations into the development of polyoxometalate based ionic liquids (POM-ILs). For the first time he conducted a systematical study of POM-IL synthesis and properties, laying the foundations for a completely new field between inorganic supramolecular chemistry and nanomaterials chemistry. POM-ILs are obtained by charge balancing inorganic polyoxometalates (POM) anions with sterically demanding tetraalkylammonium or tetraalkylphosphonium cations. By functionalization of lacunary Keggin clusters with 3dtransition metals and charge balancing with tetraalkylammonium cations of varying chain length, a model system for the correlation of molecular structure with macroscopic materials properties such as viscosity and melting point was achieved. In this thesis, Sven Herrmann presents a systematic report on the syntheses via selfaggregat