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Borko Furht (Ed.)

Encyclopedia of Multimedia A–Z With 565 Figures* and 51 Tables

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Borko Furht Department Chair Department of Computer Science and Engineering Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Boca Raton, FL 33431 USA

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Preface Only a decade ago, multimedia seemed like a brand new research field and an emerging new industry. Today, at the beginning of the new millennium, multimedia has come of age and the multimedia industry has significantly grown. Another aspect of the digital media revolution is the formation of the new media industry comprised of computer, communication, entertainment, and consumer electronic companies. The Encyclopedia of Multimedia, 2nd Edition provides in-depth coverage of the important concepts, issues and technology trends in the field of multimedia technologies, systems, techniques, and applications. It is a comprehensive collection of articles that present perspectives and future trends in the field from hundreds of leading researchers and experts in the field. The articles in the book describe a number of topics in multimedia systems and applications – from multimedia servers, to multimedia databases and multimedia networks and communications, to emerging multimedia applications. The editor, working with the Encyclopedia’s Editorial Board and a large number of contributors, surveyed and divided the field of multimedia into specific topics that collectively encompass the foundations, technologies, applications, and emerging elements of this exciting field. The members of the Editorial Board and the contributors are world experts in the field of multimedia from both academia and industry. The 2nd Edition includes 10 new members of the Editorial Boards, and more than 60 new contributors, who wrote more than 80 new articles. The total number of contributors in 2nd Edition is over 200, who have written a total of more than 340 articles. The 2nd Editio