Reflections on Knowledge Cultivation

Near the beginning of this book, I alluded to Evel Knievel’s iconic 1974 attempt to clear Idaho’s Snake River Canyon on his Skycycle. I suggested that most attempts to traverse the gap between research and practice have been about as successful as Knievel

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Cultivating Knowledge Promoting Research to Enrich Everyday Practice

Scott Tunison University of Saskatchewan & Saskatoon Public Schools, Canada

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Prefacevii Chapter 1: Setting the Headlands: Defining the Shape of the Field


Introduction1 Chapter 2: Give the People What They Want!: (Or Figure Out What They Need and Give Them That)


Setting13 Chapter 3: “Making the Jump”: Clearing the Gap between Research and Practice21 What Is Research? and What Does It Mean to “Use” It? Chapter 4: What Organisational Strategies Might Make Knowledge Cultivation More Successful? Mobilising Research for Improved Practice What Is a Knowledge Broker? What Does One Do? What Makes a Good One? Do Any of These Models Work?

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Chapter 5: Knowledge Cultivation in a Public School District: What Does It Look Like in Practice?


Chapter 6: Simple Jumps


Organisational Discussant 65 Critical Reflexion 74 Joint Application 78 Summary79 Chapter 7: Adding Complexity and “Danger”: The Embedded KC Model The OD Must Add Value and Enhance KC Processes Overall! Chapter 8: Reflections on Knowledge Cultivation: Have We Enriched Everyday Practice with Research? Has Knowledge Cultivation Enriched Everyday Practice?


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Professional Reading Series Issues 2010–2011 (Volume 1, Issues 1–32) 2011–2012 (Volume 2, Issues 1–38) 2012–2013 (Volume 3, Issues 1–35) 2013–2014 (Volume 4, Issues 1–37) 2014–2015 (Volume 5, Issues 1–35)

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Recently, a colleague and I were talking about work I’d been doing over the past few years at the provincial education policy level. At the time, I had the privilege of leading a collaborative project with representatives from the major educationsector stakeholders (i.e., teachers, senior administrators, school board association representatives, Aboriginal peoples,1 and provincial policy makers) to apply academic research ethics principles – along with privacy legislation and relevant research – to provincial education-sector data handling policies. The work wasn’t going to change the world but it was unique in that I could find no evidence of it having been don