The Art and Science of Machine Intelligence With An Innovative A

This volume presents several machine intelligence technologies, developed over recent decades, and illustrates how they can be combined in application. One application, the detection of dementia from patterns in speech, is used throughout to illustrate th

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Art and Science of Machine Intelligence With An Innovative Application for Alzheimer’s Detection from Speech

The Art and Science of Machine Intelligence

Walker H. Land Jr. • J. David Schaffer

The Art and Science of Machine Intelligence With An Innovative Application for Alzheimer’s Detection from Speech

Walker H. Land Jr. Binghamton University Bowie, MD, USA

J. David Schaffer Binghamton University Binghamton, NY, USA

ISBN 978-3-030-18495-7 ISBN 978-3-030-18496-4


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Today, we live in a hyper-connected, technology-immersed environment enabled by foundational architectures with key interdependent components, such as big data, cloud computing, mobility, and cybersecurity. Machine intelligence (learning) is an advanced capability that can be leveraged to help optimize these components as well as the application and data layers above. I believe effectively advancing the art and science of machine intelligence, as described in this book, will have a positive impact on improving accuracy and performance of decision-based systems across multiple domains. Upon submission of the book manuscripts for publication, the authors recommended based on my relevant experience and book review efforts that I would be a suitable author for this foreword. My background includes design/ development of data analytics solutions, executive leadership of company-wide research development portfolios, and currently serving as the Capitol Technology University Board Chairman, where data science and cybersecurity doctoral programs exist, and serving on the Dean Leadership Counci