The Physics of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon II Electronic and Vibr

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Topics in Applied Physics Dye Lasers 2nd Ed. Editor: F. P. Schăfer 2 Laser Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules. Editor: H. Walther Numerica! and Asymptotic Techniques in Electromagnetics Editor: R. Mittra 4 Interactions on Metal Surfaces Editor: R. Gomer 5 Mossbauer Spectroscopy Editor: U. Gonser 6 Picture Processing and Digital Filtering 2nd Ed. Editor: T. S. Huang 7 Integrated Optics 2nd Ed. Editor: T. Tamir 8 Light Scattering in Solids 2nd Ed. Editor: M. Cardona 9 Laser Speckle and Related Phenomena 2nd Ed. Editor: J. C. Dainty 1O Transient Electromagnetic Fields Editor: L. B. Felsen Il Digital Picture Analysis Editor: A. Rosenfeld 12 Turbulence 2nd Ed. Editor: P. Bradshaw 13 High-Resolution Laser Spectroscopy Editor: K. Shimoda 14 Laser Monitoring of the Atmosphere Editor: E. D. Hinkley 15 Radiationless Processes in Molecules and Condensed Phases. Editor: F. K. F ong 16 Nonlinear Infrared Generation Editor: Y.-R. Shen 17 Electroluminescence Editor: J. 1. Pankove 18 Ultrashort Light Pulses Picosecond Techniques and Applications Editor: S. L. Shapiro

19 Optica! and Infrared Detectors 2nd Ed. Editor: R. J. Keyes 20 Holographic Recording Materials Editor: H. M. Smith 21 Solid Electrolytes Editor: S. Geller 22 X-Ray Optics. Applications to Solids Editor: H.-J. Queisser 23 Optica! Data Processing. Applications Editor: D. Casasent 24 Acoustic Surface Waves Editor: A. A. Oii ner 25 Laser Beam Propagation in the Atmosphere Editor: J. W. Strohbehn 26 Photoemission in Solids 1. General Principles Editors: M. Cardona and L. Ley 27 Photoemission in Solids II. Case Studies Editors: L. Ley and M. Cardona 28 Hydrogen in Metals 1. Basic Properties Editors: G. Alefeld and J. Vi:ilkl 29 Hydrogen in Metals II App1ication-Oriented Properties Editors: G. A1efeld and J. Vi:ilkl 30 Excimer Lasers 2nd Ed. Editor: Ch. K. Rhodes 31 Solar Energy Conversion. Solid State Physics Aspects. Editor: B. O. Seraphin

Founded by Helmut K. V. Lotsch 32 Image Reconstrnction from Projections Implementation and Applications Editor: G. T. Herman 33 Electrets Editor: G. M. Sessler 34 Nonlinear Methods of Spectral Analysis 2nd Edition. Editor: S. Haykin 35 Uranium Enrichment Editor: S. Villani 36 Amorphous Semiconductors Editor: M. H. Brodsky 37 Thermally Stimulated Relaxation in Solids Editor: P. Brăunlich 38 Charge-Coupled Devices Editor: D. F. Barbe 39 Semiconductor Devices for Optica! Communication. 2nd Ed. Editor: H. Kressel 40 Display Devices Editor: J. 1. Pankove 41 The Computer in Optica! Research Methods and Applications. Editor: B. R. Frieden 42 Two-Dimensional Digital Signal Processing 1 Linear Filters. Editor: T. S. Huang 43 Two-Dimensional Digital Signal Processing II Transforms and Median Filters. Editor: T. S. Huang 44 Turbulent Reacting Flows Editors: P. A. Libby and F. A. Williams 45 Hydrodynamic Instabilities and the Transition to Turbulence Editors: H. L. Swinney and J. P. Gollub 46 Glassy Metals 1 Editors: H.-J. Giintherodt and H. Beck 47 Sputtering by Partide Bombardment 1 Editor: R. Behrisch

48 Optica! Information Processing Fund