The Politics of Rootedness: On Simone Weil and George Orwell

Simone Weil and George Orwell both reflected—at a time when liberalism and Christianity were being challenged—on how to provide rootedness to societies and how to provide a moral anchoring and collective inspiration. The chapter considers the extent to wh

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Simone Weil, Beyond Ideology?

Sophie Bourgault · Julie Daigle Editors

Simone Weil, Beyond Ideology?

Editors Sophie Bourgault School of Political Studies University of Ottawa Ottawa, ON, Canada

Julie Daigle School of Political Studies University of Ottawa Ottawa, ON, Canada

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We wish to thank all of the Weil scholars and enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic with whom we have had many friendly and rich conversations over the years. Very special thanks go to David Savoie and Robert Sparling for their unwavering support, patience, and good humor. Merci!




Introduction: Weil, Politics and Ideology Sophie Bourgault and Julie Daigle


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