Advanced Rubber Composites

Morphology–Property Relationship in Rubber-Based Nanocomposites: Some Recent Developments, by A. K. Bhowmick, M. Bhattacharya, S. Mitra, K. Dinesh Kumar, P. K. Maji, A. Choudhury, J. J. George and G. C. Basak; * Rubber–Clay Nanocomposites: Some Recent Res

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Advances in Polymer Science

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Advanced Rubber Composites

Volume Editor: Gert Heinrich

With contributions by G.C. Basak  M. Bhattacharya  A.K. Bhowmick  A. Choudhury  A. Das  R.N. Datta  W.K. Dierkes  K. Dinesh Kumar  J. Fritzsche  J.J. George  R. Guo  G. Heinrich  R. Jurk  M.S. Khan  M. Klu¨ppel  P.K. Maji  T. Mathew  S. Mitra  K. Naskar  J.W.M. Noordermeer  W. van Ooij  R. Rajesh Babu  K.W. Sto¨ckelhuber  A.G. Talma  M. Tiwari  D.-Y. Wang

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