Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility Essays in Honor of Peter A.

The original essays in this book address the influential writings of Peter A. French on the nature of responsibility, ethics, and moral practices. French’s contributions to a wide spectrum of philosophical discussions have made him a dominant figure in th

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Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility Essays in Honor of Peter A. French

Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility

Zachary J. Goldberg Editor

Reflections on Ethics and Responsibility Essays in Honor of Peter A. French


Editor Zachary J. Goldberg Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich Munich, Germany

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To my parents, Harold and Nancy


Peter French was my senior colleague at the University of Minnesota, Morris, from 1974 through 1981. In December 1973, Peter was conducting interviews at an APA Eastern Division Meeting. It was my one and only interview; I was there to practice, to see if I could land an interview. I hoped to be finished with my Ph.D. in time for the following year’s convention. Peter and I hit it off. I don’t remember details, but I do remember thinking that he seemed genuinely interested. And then I got a call-back. Just a few months before, one of my CUNY Professors had commented to my wife at a department party that I would probably get a job at a small school in some no-place in the Midwest. Barbara laughed—repressing a shiver—and thought: I’m a New Yorker; no way we are going to no-place in the Midwest. The University of Minnesota, Morris was 3.5 h west/southwest of MinneapolisSt. Paul, 50 miles from the South Dakota border. The population was 3,500; 5,000 when school was in session. There were more people on our block in Manhattan. The largest structure on Main St. was a grain elevat

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