Scientific Knowledge Communication in Museums

This book explains the general principles of scientific and technical communication in the context of the modern museum and examines, with the aid of informative case studies, the different means by which knowledge may be transmitted, including posters, o

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Alberto Rovetta Edoardo Rovida

Scientific Knowledge Communication in Museums

Research for Development Series editors Emilio Bartezzaghi, Milano, Italy Giampio Bracchi, Milano, Italy

The series Research for Development serves as a vehicle for the presentation and dissemination of complex research and multidisciplinary projects. The published work is dedicated to fostering a high degree of innovation and to the sophisticated demonstration of new techniques or methods. The aim of the Research for Development series is to promote well-balanced sustainable growth. This might take the form of measurable social and economic outcomes, in addition to environmental benefits, or improved efficiency in the use of resources; it might also involve an original mix of intervention schemes. Research for Development focuses on the following topics and disciplines: Urban regeneration and infrastructure, Info-mobility, transport, and logistics, Environment and the land, Cultural heritage and landscape, Energy, Innovation in processes and technologies, Applications of chemistry, materials, and nanotechnologies, Material science and biotechnology solutions, Physics results and related applications and aerospace, Ongoing training and continuing education. Fondazione Politecnico di Milano collaborates as a special co-partner in this series by suggesting themes and evaluating proposals for new volumes. Research for Development addresses researchers, advanced graduate students, and policy and decision-makers around the world in government, industry, and civil society.

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Alberto Rovetta Edoardo Rovida •

Scientific Knowledge Communication in Museums


Alberto Rovetta Politecnico di Milano Milan Italy

Edoardo Rovida Politecnico di Milano Milan Italy

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