The Design Imperative The Art and Science of Design Management

This book examines how to optimize design management processes in order to produce innovation within organizations. It first looks at how to harvest a culture of design and then examines topics specific to product and service design. Individual chapt

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Steven Chen

The Design Imperative The Art and Science of Design Management

Steven Chen Department of Marketing Mihaylo College of Business and Economics California State University Fullerton, CA, USA

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1 Introduction: The Design Imperative   1 2 Harvesting a Culture of Design: A Review of Organizational Design Research  13 3 Product Design Research: A Review  37 4 The Design Studio Approach  55 5 To Develop a Design Language (or Not)  71 6 Design Teams Versus the Lone Designer  87 7 The Open Office: Google and the Modern Penitentiary 101 8 Design Thinking Approaches 111 9 The Product Life Cycle and Product Design 123 10 Designing Extraordinary Service Experiences 143


vi  Contents

11 Design and Global Culture 171 12 Product Design Analytics 205 13 Conclusion: The Keys to Successful Design 215 Index 227

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Fig. 2.1 Fig. 4.1 Fig. 9.1 Fig. 9.2 Fig. 12.1

A framework for harvesting a culture of design Toolkit: The 50+ consumer and bicycling The product life cycle Ansoff’s growth matrix Alexo knife designs with product design scores from a non-segmented sample Fig. 12.2 Alexo knife designs with product design scores for high-CVPA consumers

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