High-Speed Digital System Design Art, Science and Experience

This book describes for readers the entire, interconnected complex of theoretical and practical aspects of designing and organizing the production of various electronic devices, the general and main distinguishing feature of which is the high speed of pro

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High-Speed Digital System Design Art, Science and Experience

High-Speed Digital System Design

Anatoly Belous • Vitali Saladukha

High-Speed Digital System Design Art, Science and Experience

Anatoly Belous Integral Minsk, Belarus

Vitali Saladukha Integral Minsk, Belarus

ISBN 978-3-030-25408-7 ISBN 978-3-030-25409-4 https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-25409-4


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The book, proposed for the readers’ attention, is unique—as for the structure of composition and the contents of materials, it so far has no analogues in the world scientific-technical literature. This book is meant for a wide circle of readers: students, postgraduates, professorial staff of technical universities, and engineers, specializing in the sphere of design development and production arrangement of the various electronic devices and systems, whose common and specific feature is the high rate of data processing and transfer. First and foremost, it refers to the contemporary digital communications (navigation, mobile communications, Internet of Things, etc.), which are characterized by the high rates of signal processing and transfer, while these speeds keep on increasing, the number of the accompanying problem multiplies. Here, one should differentiate the problems of ensuring the rates of processing and the problems of ensuring data transfer, as the causes of the origination and the methods of their solution bear an entirely different nature. While the data processing rate primarily depends on the technical solutions of the hardware of digital communications, the rate of the data transfer is determined by the technical solution