The Information Age, Mathematics, and Mathematics Education

Mathematical texts from across time indicate that the needs of the societies of different eras and different places have guided practices in mathematics itself and in how it was taught at school, responding to the needs and exigencies of each age. In some

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Stacy A. Costa Marcel Danesi Dragana Martinovic  Editors

Mathematics (Education) in the Information Age

Mathematics in Mind Series Editors Marcel Danesi, University of Toronto, Canada

Editorial Board Louis H. Kauffman, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA Dragana Martinovic, University of Windsor, Canada Yair Neuman, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Rafael Núñez, University of California, San Diego, USA Anna Sfard, University of Haifa, Israel David Tall, University of Warwick, United Kingdom Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii, University of Tokyo, Japan Shlomo Vinner, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

The monographs and occasional textbooks published in this series tap directly into the kinds of themes, research findings, and general professional activities of the Fields Cognitive Science Network, which brings together mathematicians, philosophers, and cognitive scientists to explore the question of the nature of mathematics and how it is learned from various interdisciplinary angles. Themes and concepts to be explored include connections between mathematical modeling and artificial intelligence research, the historical context of any topic involving the emergence of mathematical thinking, interrelationships between mathematical discovery and cultural processes, and the connection between math cognition and symbolism, annotation, and other semiotic processes. All works are peer-reviewed to meet the highest standards of scientific literature. More information about this series at

Stacy A. Costa  •  Marcel Danesi Dragana Martinovic Editors

Mathematics (Education) in the Information Age

Editors Stacy A. Costa Curriculum, Teaching & Learning & Engineering Education Collaboration Ontario Institute for Studies in Education University of Toronto Toronto, ON, Canada

Marcel Danesi Department of Anthropology University of Toronto Toronto, ON, Canada

Dragana Martinovic Faculty of Education University of Windsor Windsor, ON, Canada

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