Erratum: Bulk polycrystalline ceria–doped Al 2 O 3 and YAG ceramics for high-power density laser-driven solid-state whit

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Bulk polycrystalline ceria–doped Al2O3 and YAG ceramics for high-power density laser-driven solid-state white lighting:Effectsof crystallinityandextreme temperatures CORRIGENDUM Elias H. Penilla, Pathikumar Sellappan, Matthew A. Duarte, Andrew T. Wieg, Matthew Wingert, Javier E. Garay doi:, Published by Materials Research Society, 07 February 2020. The authors of this article [1] would like to correct the following: (i) The middle initial of Matthew C. Wingert was omitted. (ii) Two in-text citations have been updated for the following sentences due to errors in the reference list: The behavior of Ce:Al2O3 is consistent with the lowtemperature optical behavior of other rare earths doped into oxides, such as Nd- [38, 39] and Er-doped [31] YAG, that exhibit optical 4f to 4f transitions that are shielded from crystal–field interactions by the outer 5d shell. The bulk ceramic Ce:Al2O3 phosphors were produced using an all-solid-state, one-step reaction-densification route using CAPAD [23, 31]. (iii) Errors throughout the references necessitate an updated reference list. Below is the proper reference list, which has also been updated in the original article: 1. P. Pust, P.J. Schmidt, and W. Schnick: A revolution in lighting. Nat. Mater. 14, 454 (2015). 2. J.J. Wierer and J.Y. Tsao: Comparison between blue lasers and light-emitting diodes for future solid-state lighting. Laser Photon. Rev. 7, 963 (2013). 3. V. Bachmann, C. Ronda, and A. Meijerink: Temperature quenching of yellow Ce31 luminescence in YAG: Ce. Chem. Mater. 126, 2077 (2009). 4. R.M. Waxler, G.W. Cleek, I.H. Malitson, M.J. Dodge, and T.A. Hahn: Optical and mechanical properties of some neodymium-doped laser glasses. J. Res. Natl. Bur. Stand., Sect. A 75, 163 (1971).

ª Materials Research Society 2020

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