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Victor R. Preedy, Ronald R. Watson (Eds.)

Handbook of Disease Burdens and Quality of Life Measures

With 570 Figures and 1001 Tables

Editors: Prof. Victor R. Preedy Dept. Nutrition and Dietetics Nutritional Sciences Research Division School of Biomedical & Health Sciences King’s College London Franklin‐Wilkins Building 150 Stamford Street London SE1 9NH UK Prof. Ronald R. Watson Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health University of Arizona Health Science Center 1295 N. Martin P.O. Box 245155 Tucson, AZ 85724–5155

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Disease and pathologies have devastating consequences on the individual, the family unit and society in general including effect on nations or entire geographical regions. Assessing these impacts at the individual or international level has been problematical due to the diverse nature of the diseases themselves. There is also a variable response between individuals or regions. However, there is now an increasing awareness that the imposition of disease or ill health can be measured and assessed in quantitative terms. These measures of disease encompass a variety of facets: from the financial costs of treatment to the effects of a particular disease condition on the quality of life of individuals. The development and application of tools to measure these aspects have been particularly evident over the past decade. For example, suitable questionnaires developed for the general assessment of Quality of Life have now been revised and refined so that they are directly applicable to specific disease entities or even different cultures. Hitherto, there has never been a coherent publication that allocated to a single volume the many questionnaires that have been developed nor