Multi-dimensional Additive Manufacturing

In this book, basic sciences and applied technologies in 3D printing and 2D coating—including 2D surface modulations on 3D printed objects—are described to explore and to image novel multidimensional additive manufacturing. Renowned researchers were selec

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Multi-dimensional Additive Manufacturing

Multi-dimensional Additive Manufacturing

Soshu Kirihara Kazuhiro Nakata •


Multi-dimensional Additive Manufacturing


Editors Soshu Kirihara JWRI Osaka University Osaka, Japan

Kazuhiro Nakata JWRI Osaka University Osaka, Japan

ISBN 978-981-15-7909-7 ISBN 978-981-15-7910-3


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Technologies that confer different properties or functions to the surface of a material have long existed. These technologies have been known by terms such as “surface treatments” and “surface technologies,” which include plating and conversion coating, or “surface heat treatments,” which include carburizing and nitriding. In approximately 1990, a new term, “surface modification,” arrived in Japan from the West. This accompanied the commercialization of new ceramic thin film coating technologies (CVD, PVD) and was intended either to unite these technologies or to differentiate them from the conventional technologies. To accommodate this new technological trend, the Surface Modification Research and Technology Committee was established by the Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES) in 1989. The committee added thin film coating technologies to conventional surface technologies as well as thick film surface technologies, such as the welding techniques of thermal spraying and hardfacing/ cladding. The committee continues to be active to this day. Recently, the new terms of “3D printing technology” and “additive manufacturing (AM)” arrived in Japan from the West. 3D printin