Micro-Coil Fabrication Techniques

Inductive levitation micro-systems have been actively studied since 1995 when the Shearwood group [1 ] fabricated the first prototype with targeted applications including micro-motors, -actuators and -inertial sensors. Then, in 2006, the Zhang group prese

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Kirill Poletkin

Levitation Micro-Systems Applications to Sensors and Actuators

Microsystems and Nanosystems Series Editors Roger T. Howe, Stanford, CA, USA Antonio J. Ricco, Moffett Field, CA, USA

Building on the foundation of the MEMS Reference Shelf and the Springer series on Microsystems**, the new series Microsystems and Nanosystems comprises an increasingly comprehensive library of research, text, and reference materials in this thriving field. The goal of the Microsystems and Nanosystems series is to provide a framework of basic principles, known methodologies, and new applications, all integrated in a coherent and consistent manner. The growing collection of topics published & planned for the series presently includes: Fundamentals • Process Technology • Materials • Packaging • Reliability • Noise MEMS Devices • MEMS Machines • MEMS Gyroscopes • RF MEMS • Piezoelectric MEMS • Acoustic MEMS • Inertial MEMS • Power MEMS • Photonic MEMS • Magnetic MEMS Lab-on-Chip / BioMEMS • Micro/nano Fluidic Technologies • Bio/chemical Analysis • Point-of-Care Diagnostics • Cell-Based Microsystems • Medical MEMS • Micro & Nano Reactors • Molecular Manipulation Special Topics • Microrobotics • Nanophotonics • Self-Assembled Systems • Silicon Carbide Systems • Integrated Nanostructured Materials Structure • A coordinated series of volumes • Cross-referenced to reduce duplication • Functions as a multi-volume major reference work **To see titles in the MEMS Reference Shelf and the Springer series on Microsystems, please click on the tabs “Microsystems series” and “MEMS Reference Shelf series” on the top right of this page.

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Kirill Poletkin

Levitation Micro-Systems Applications to Sensors and Actuators


Kirill Poletkin Innopolis University Innopolis, Russia

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