Remembering and Forgetting in the Digital Age

This book examines the fundamental question of how legislators and other rule-makers should handle remembering and forgetting information (especially personally identifiable information) in the digital age. It encompasses such topics as data protection, c

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Florent Thouvenin · Peter Hettich  Herbert Burkert · Urs Gasser

Remembering and Forgetting in the Digital Age

Law, Governance and Technology Series Volume 38

Series editors Pompeu Casanovas, Barcelona, Spain Giovanni Sartor, Florence, Italy

The Law-Governance and Technology Series is intended to attract manuscripts arising from an interdisciplinary approach in law, artificial intelligence and information technologies. The idea is to bridge the gap between research in IT law and IT applications for lawyers developing a unifying techno-legal perspective. The series will welcome proposals that have a fairly specific focus on problems or projects that will lead to innovative research charting the course for new interdisciplinary developments in law, legal theory, and law and society research as well as in computer technologies, artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences. In broad strokes, manuscripts for this series may be mainly located in the fields of the Internet law (data protection, intellectual property, Internet rights, etc.), Computational models of the legal contents and legal reasoning, Legal Information Retrieval, Electronic Data Discovery, CollaborativeTools (e.g. Online Dispute Resolution platforms), Metadata and XML Technologies (for Semantic Web Services), Technologies in Courtrooms and Judicial Offices (E-Court), Technologies for Governments and Administrations (E-Government), Legal Multimedia, and Legal Electronic Institutions (Multi-Agent Systems and Artificial Societies). More information about this series at

Florent Thouvenin • Peter Hettich • Herbert Burkert • Urs Gasser

Remembering and Forgetting in the Digital Age

And with Individual Contributions from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Christine Abbt, Nikos Askitas, Mark Schelker, Christine Benesch, Matthias Klemm, Melinda Sebastian & Wesley Shumar, Johannes Ullrich, Christoph Graf, and Domenico Salvati

Florent Thouvenin University of Zurich Zurich, Switzerland

Peter Hettich University of St. Gallen St. Gallen, Switzerland

Herbert Burkert University of St. Gallen St. Gallen, Switzerland

Urs Gasser Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society Harvard University Cambridge, MA, USA

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