The Changing Face of an Expanding Sociology

There is a paradox at the heart of British sociology’s expansion: How did a subject which up to the early 1950s had existed, both institutionally and intellectually, in relative obscurity and which had struggled to define itself and prove its potential, s

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Sociology and Statistics in Britain, 1833–1979 “A fascinating analysis of the relationship between sociology and statistics from the nineteenth century onwards, based on original and detailed historical research: the story is a sad one but the book is essential reading for all involved in studying or teaching sociology.” —John H. Goldthorpe FBA, Emeritus Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford “This book is a work of major scholarship that will long remain a standard history of the always troubled relationship between British sociology and statistics. It gives a critical account that does much to explain how mainstream sociology in Britain has taken the intellectual path that it has.” —Christopher T. Husbands, Emeritus Reader in Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science “This is a most timely study of the development of social statistics and sociology in Britain. Covering a broad period, examining a wide variety of academic and professional institutions, and focusing on some of the most luminous figures in the history of social research and social thought in modern Britain, the author traces the complex relationship between counting and theorising in the development of the social sciences. The author questions whether the development of sociology in Britain, while distinctive, is in any way exceptional, and has written a major work which will be of relevance to everyone interested in the sociological tradition.” —Professor Lawrence Goldman, St. Peter’s College, Oxford “Plamena Panayotova has produced a wonderful historical meditation on British sociology’s allergic reaction to statistics, uncovering its deep intellectual roots.” —Stephen Turner, Distinguished University Professor, University of South Florida

Plamena Panayotova

Sociology and Statistics in Britain, 1833–1979

Plamena Panayotova Department of Sociology School of Social and Political Science The University of Edinburgh Edinburgh, UK

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